materials used wire forming

Common Materials Used During Wire Forming, Part 1

In addition to our numerous high-quality spring manufacturing services, we at J & J Spring Enterprises are proud to offer quality wire forming services to all our clients. We create wire-formed components from a variety of wire types, materials and gauges, allowing us to create products in a … Read More

electroplating process spring manufacturing

How the Electroplating Process Works for Spring Manufacturing

In many product areas, such as jewelry for instance, you may hear about a given material that’s “plated.” This term generally refers to finishes that are applied to a material to improve everything from its aesthetic qualities to its corrosion resistance.

At J & J Spring Enterprises, we’re … Read More

evolution spring design technology

The Evolution of Spring Design Based on Technology

At J & J Spring Enterprises, we’re proud to serve as your top custom spring manufacturer. We create the highest quality in everything from compression springs and coil springs to drag springs, flat springs and numerous other styles based on your needs.

Our spring experts have been … Read More

active total coils spring

Active Coils Vs. Total Coils and Basics on Spring Coil Counting

Within the world of spring manufacturing, particularly coil springs, one of the most misunderstood elements out there is counting coils. While totaling up coils is important for a few reasons within spring manufacturing and use formats, this simple process comes with more errors than you might think, … Read More

spring rates consistency thresholds

Understanding Spring Rates and Consistency Thresholds

If you’ve purchased springs anytime in the past, chances are you’ve heard plenty about spring rate. This is a term that refers to the force a spring exerts as it stretches and compresses, and various springs come with a wide range of spring rates depending on your needs.… Read More