For all your custom coil spring design and manufacturing needs, call on the J & J Spring Manufacturing Team.

We use both hot and cold coiling techniques in our advanced production environment, providing us with the ability to produce the most long-lasting and reliable torsion springs, compression springs, extension springs or whatever type of custom coil springs you may require.

We are dedicated to producing the highest quality products in the industry while minimizing production time and cost. With more than 60 years in business, our team has the knowledge and experience you can count on.

J&J Spring Enterprises Coil Springs

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs store and release through deflection of the legs. J & J Spring Manufacturing produces these designs in countless sizes and configurations that are appropriate for a variety of applications.

Custom Coil Springs

Our commitment to our customers is to produce defect-free custom coil springs with quick turnaround and affordable pricing. Our facility is designed to produce large orders with precision and accuracy, no matter how large the job may be.

We understand the importance of product quality and reliability. Our custom coil springs are used in some of the most demanding environments, including oilfield downhole applications, where the failure of a single component can cost millions of dollars in lost production.

Compression Springs

Also known as an open coil helical spring, our team can design, engineer and fabricate all types of compression springs, including conical, convex and concave designs. We use only the highest grade spring wire, to ensure maximum performance and durability over time. We can manufacture compression springs to your specification or we can design a custom solution for you, based on your needs. You can also specify the winding direction, end configuration and finish that suit your needs.

Extension Springs

These designs are typically used to ensure resistance against a pulling force. They both absorb and store energy and can be fabricated to exact load capacity specifications. We have the ability to fabricate high-quality custom extension springs from a variety of materials, including stainless steel and high-tech alloys designed to withstand high temperatures while providing exceptional resistance to corrosion. You may also specify the type of ends you need, including hooks and loops.

Product Brochure

An overview of our products to help you find the right product for your job


J & J Spring Manufacturing adheres to the most rigorous quality control standards in the industry. With six decades of experience, we understand what it takes to maximize the reliability and service life of our products. We provide a highly personalized level of customer service with responsive, regular communication.

Bring us your specifications or, if you prefer, we can design and engineer a custom coil spring solution for you. Our advanced technology and dedication to excellence ensures that you will receive the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. Contact us today to discuss your custom coil spring manufacturing needs.