At J&J Spring Enterprises, LLC, We’re a team of genuinely committed people with care and enthusiasm. We listen hard because we’re honestly interested in you.

But actions speak louder than words – As we hope you will discover as you browse our website, we’re committed about sharing success – going that little bit further to manufacture a product perfect for your needs.


Our goal is to help our customers achieve the best components for their products. We achieve this goal through a desire to excel with a positive approach to our customers and in our manufacturing process, offering not only a quality service but also a quality product for you. We’ll take on your challenge with the best team for the job, drawn from our fifty-eight years experience in the spring industry.


A part from the management team, we have a number of staff working in the production, Tool Room and Small Orders department. The Company has fifty-eight years experience in the spring industry, but our staff defines the company’s personality and shapes our success with their enthusiasm and commitment to working together as a team


Andrew Kattula


Joined J&J in 2010, owner since December 2012. Graduate of Oakland University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance.

Dusica Simovski

Dusica Simovski


18 years of experience in finance. Attended Wayne State University. Work closely with ownership, management, vendors, customers to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Jerrold Fetko

Jerrold Fetko

Sales and Product Engineer

Vast knowledge of material & manufacturing processes.
Works closely with customers in regards to product development and servicing.

Ricky Sanders

Rickey Sanders

Plant Manager

Started in 2009 as Quality Assurance Manager. In 2013 was appointed Plant Manager. Oversees the production process of each order. Motivates employees, able to multi task with team and manage multiple projects successfully.

Iva Dimitrievski

Iva Dimitrievski

Quality Management Rep

Ensures that the Quality Management System documents processes, procedures and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives, formalized to meet the requirements of the AS9100 and ISO9001 standards.

Wisam Daheen

Wisam Daheen

Quality Assistant

Assists & works closely with Quality Management

Stephanie Simovski

Stephanie Simovski

Office Manager/Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable

Joined the J&J team in early 2019. University of Detroit Mercy graduate. Works closely with top management to ensure the continual improvement towards customer satisfaction.

Administrative Assistant

Works with the team and assists in day to day operations involving quote processing/updating, shipping & invoicing processes.


Scott McIntyre

Scott McIntyre

Engineering and Sales

Over 40 years of experience in all aspects of spring manufacturing. Works closely with customers in regards to product development and servicing.